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Dec 12 05 5:03 PM

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Dec 13 05 3:41 PM

The NEA just keeps getting weaker and weaker. I can't see it surviving much longer without a format change. Teams are looking for 3-game guarantee tournaments during the holidays and they seem to be popping up everywhere. This has especially hurt the upper division.

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Dec 13 05 9:16 PM

People say its the 3 game guarantee as to why schools have pulled out. I don't think that's the only reasons. The following schools have pulled out but are not in 3 game tourneys over cristmas: Marion,Osceola,Gosnell,Turrell,West Memphis,Corning,Hoxie,Helena,Wynne,etc.... The only ones in 3 game tourneys are GCT,Paragould and Forrest City. Combining the classes was the main reason. GCT and Paragould left because they were one and done every year.

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Dec 13 05 9:24 PM

the NEA is ran by people from small schools. they only see the needs of class Aand AA schools. That is the reason for the decline of bigger schools. hindsight is 20/20. The NEA should have went to a 3 game bracket for the AAAA-AAAA division. Then for the A-AA and AAA maybe went to a double elimination type bracket starting after the 2nd round.

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Dec 14 05 8:59 AM

The 3 game administration would be easier I think. The double elimination would mean more of the same of the first round. Take the top 16 in the state and let them play guaranteed four games in each division. A week for boys. A week for girls. But, if they want to keep it for small schools,then let them play in the small school gyms and stop wasting money at the CONVO.

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Dec 14 05 4:39 PM

QUOTE (McCarroll21 @ Dec 13 2005, 07:19 PM)
If I'm not mistaken Cedar Ridge is Cord-Charlotte and Newark consolidated.

Yeah your right

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Dec 17 05 6:49 PM


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